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Even after you drive off our lot, you can rely on the Greenville Hyundai Service Department to help you keep your Hyundai running in prime condition. Whether you’re wondering how often to rotate your tires, when you need brake repairs, or simply want to know the maintenance schedule for your current vehicle, we can help. From transmission flushes to exhaust repair to serpentine belt replacements, car maintenance can be a lot to keep track of. As your source for auto repair in Greenville, TX, we want to keep you informed on all things Hyundai service. Take a look at our car service tips and tricks below. Then feel free to reach out to our team if you have any specific questions!

The Top Service Tips for Your Vehicle Near Royse City, TX

The following car service tips will help you get the most out of your vehicle for years to come. Plus, you’ll save time and money in the future.

  • Have your oil and your filter changed at the same time. Fresh oil leads to better engine performance and prevents serious consequences down the road. In addition, regular filter changes can prevent oil contamination.

  • Have your engine cleaned and inspected for any debris or particles. Our service technicians will also keep an eye out for any other features that could lead to future performance issues.

  • Follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. This guide is easy to find online and is the most “official” source of scheduling maintenance, making it easy to pencil into your calendar.

  • Check your tire pressure, and also tire rotation, balance, and tread. Getting a flat tire is never fun, and an underinflated—or overinflated—tire can lead to decreased fuel efficiency. Rotating and balancing your tires helps you maintain a more even tread. Poor tread can lead to spin-outs and skidding on icy roads.

  • Have brake fluid checked. Of course, brakes are essential to vehicle safety. Regular fluid changes help lubricate the brakes, allowing for optimal performance.

  • Bring your vehicle to an official service center. For example, bring your Hyundai vehicle to a designated Hyundai service center, like Greenville Hyundai near Princeton, TX. While we can service all makes and models, our technicians are expertly trained in all things Hyundai. Furthermore, we only use genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) when performing maintenance. Therefore, you know that your Hyundai vehicle is in good hands.

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Got a Hyundai vehicle in need of service? Look no further than our service center at Greenville Hyundai. We have been in the Greenville community for over a decade, and the smiling faces you see among our service staff will make you feel welcome. You’ll enjoy sound peace of mind with our dedication to all things Hyundai at our service center. Check your maintenance schedule and contact us to schedule your next appointment to keep your Hyundai running at its best!

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