How Does Hyundai Roadside Assistance Work?

Did you know that all new Hyundai vehicles come with 24/7 roadside assistance for 5 years with unlimited miles? Greenville drivers also get a dedicated Hyundai Roadside Assistance phone number. A Hyundai Roadside Assistance number provides peace of mind on Royse City roads and is backed by one of the best roadside assistance programs in the industry. Greenville Hyundai cares about your safety, so find out about how Hyundai Roadside Assistance works and what is covered here.

What Services Are Covered?

How does Hyundai Roadside Assistance work and what is covered? It provides the following services for Commerce drivers:

  • Run Out of Gas: Emergency fuel delivery is one of many services from Hyundai Roadside Assistance.
  • Towing: If you are involved in a collision or breakdown, Hyundai Roadside Assistance will tow it to the nearest Hyundai dealership for repairs.
  • Unlock Your Vehicle: Chances are you’ve probably locked yourself out of your car before, but with your Hyundai Roadside Assistance phone number, locking your keys in your car won’t ruin your day.
  • Flat Tire: Don’t worry if you get a flat tire while driving around Rockwall. Hyundai Roadside Assistance will come to your rescue!
  • Dead Battery: Your Hyundai Roadside Assistance number gets you a quick and easy jump service if your vehicle’s battery dies on the road.

What’s the Hyundai Roadside Assistance Phone Number?

You can easily request help by calling the Hyundai Roadside Assistance number: 1-800-243-776. Be ready to give your service rep the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The location of your vehicle
  • Your car’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN (you can find this on the driver’s side dashboard)
  • The number of miles on your vehicle
  • Description of the problem you’ve encountered

Trip Interruption Coverage

If you’re on vacation and experience vehicle issues, Hyundai Assurance provides coverage while you wait for your car to be repaired. If you’re over 150 miles from your home around Greenville and your Hyundai can’t be driven overnight because of a repair, Hyundai Roadside Assistance reimburses you for expenses, such as lodging, transportation, and meals.

Learn More About Hyundai Roadside Assistance at Greenville Hyundai

Want to know more about Hyundai Roadside Assistance? Contact Greenville Hyundai or stop by the dealership. Get more information from our service department, and let us help you get your vehicle in top shape before you head out on a road trip. See how you can keep your Hyundai running at its best with the Hyundai recommended service schedule. Greenville Hyundai is always at your service! Check out our winter emergency car kit checklist to ensure you have everything you need to keep moving safely during the cooler months.

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